Important Year End Tax Information

It’s that time of the year again for tax planning and projections. Please forward a summary of revenue and expenses for 2019 so we can calculate any necessary estimated payments and determine the appropriate amounts to report as wages. These liabilities are due 1/15/2020, so we need to get a projection completed as soon as possible to give you enough time to make any required payments.
During this time, we would like to ensure that we have the current information on file for your employees if we prepare your W-2’s. Please update us if you have not already, with any changes to name, addresses, and/or social security numbers.
Also, please provide us with the amount of Health Insurance that is paid for each Officer. This includes amounts paid by the company and amounts paid by the Officer(s) that has not yet been reimbursed. For the health insurance that has not yet been reimbursed, please reimburse the officer(s) before year end.
This information may be mailed, faxed or emailed back to our office. Also please ensure the employee names read as they appear on their Social Security Card. Please submit the updated/corrected list by December 16, 2019
Additionally, if you have anyone to whom you are required to provide a Form 1099, please provide a name, address and social security number and total payments. The threshold for filing 1099’s is $600 in payments to non-corporate vendors.

*** Please note, any changes to this information after year-end may result in a reprinting fee.